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JAWM (Weapon Mod) R1 September 2019

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Ever wanted to have another new set of weapons for Doom? No? Well, F**k you, here is one anyway.


Introducing JAWM!
What does it stand for? Who knows!

JAWM is a mod that replaces all weapons of Doom!  It also features some unique weapons. My creativity in weapon design is booming, I know. Make some incredible looking combos with the low switch speed and show those demons (or whatever you are fighting) what a real badass looks like!

JAWM works with most non Weapon replacing maps!
GZDoom 3.2.x or higher is required. 4.1.3 Tested.


JAWM also features my custom HUD, LiteHUD. I will release it a week later... maybe.


See ALL the weapons in this Spoiler:


No ammo? Don’t worry! The knife is a highly efficient melee weapon


The Pistol, a weapon that looks and feels like a satisfying weapon to use at every shot. Great for the first enemies.


What is the most essential thing for a Shotgun? The sound of course! Blast you ears to oblivion with every shot of this everlasting relic. (Earmuffs not included)


Machine Gun:
What’s this? An ear blasting and highly accurate machine gun? TAKE MY MONEY!


Double barrel shotgun:
This shotgun will be forever remembered. This holy weapon is the only one to deserve a special place in weapon haven. (Yes that exists)


Rocket Launcher:
You really like fast rockets, do you?


Grenade Launcher:
“[Insert Zombieman name here] never saw it coming. His troop was wiped out before they could even say *grunt*.” Kill enemies before they kill you! This Grenade Launcher bounces off walls!


Auto Grenade Launcher:
Is there anything better than this beast of a weapon? This weapon fires faster but has a shorter range. Kill bosses in just seconds.


You were probably wondering what the Chainsaw replacement will be. Fear not! It is Sword! I like sword - that's a personal weapon.



Download here.



Some sounds may be too loud or too quiet. Please tell me if something sounds off.


Credits are in the .txt of the zip file.


---Legal Stuff---

You may edit this mod for your own use as long as some changes are made and the text file both in the zip and the mod file are intact and unchanged. If you use some of these weapons in you own pack of weapons or maps make sure to credit me, thanks.

Edited by DiaBomb : Fixed gif links

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Cool mod. The lower part of the HUD is poorly located, spread the amount of health, armor and other parameters in different directions so that the bottom of the screen can be seen. I hope you understood me.

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Played your mod. This was lot of fun, weapons had a really nice kick to them

No real complaints but bigger muzzle flashes would be great

And the firing rate for the pistol and rocket launcher felt a bit off but i don't know how to change that in a way that wouldn't make them super op. 


Here is my gameplay video. I played it with Nash's Gore Mod to add some extra goodness


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