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haruko haruhara

Has anyone played futur war invasion

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Hi I want to know if people like futur war because it seems know one seems to like it I don't know why it looks so cool an before people say anything back I know the wad has serious lag issues but when it is on a server it runs better than on singleplayer but in single player it runs like shit but for some reason if you play it online when you get off of the server an re join it runs smooth the wad is really fun all the cool guns an the monsters an yes I know some of the guns came from realm667 but some of the guns did not there is cool features like mechs and power ups an items an options for the wad too I never used the other fires for some of the guns but I think it is awesome an I played Armageddon invasion an chaos from hell invasion an shit tons of more I think Armageddon an futur war an chaos from hell invasion an complex doom invasion are my favorite invasion mappacks an yes people have different taste in wads

But that's all now say what you want about this topic

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