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Mad Dal 85

Lighting Effects

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Hey everyone. 


Just a general question about lighting (lamps, candles, torches, ect.)


I downloaded some custom lighting to put in my Doom wad/mod and they seem to light up nearby walls and floors, but the original light sources in Doom don't do that. 


How do I get the original lamps/candles/torches to do that? 


I'm guessing it has something to do with the programming or parameters or something in the GLDEFS text file that came with the custom sprites.


I've seen some custom mods and wads that have armour and health bonus do the same effect. 


If it is possible to get the original lighting to do that, can someone please tell me how to add it in or recommend a site that have the programming for them so I type it all in. I would like every lamp, candles, torches, ect. (custom and original) to do the same effect.




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That is a default GZDoom feature so you don't need anything extra. You need to have the "load lights" checked in the GZDoom resource settings in the startup, thats all i think. It adds the GLDEFS to the original stuff 

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