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Light sources problem in GZDooM for Health/Armour bonus.

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I'm making my own .WAD. However, when I load it in ZDL the dynamic lights don't work for my health and armour bonus items anymore? The other light sources are working, all I have done is replaced the sprite and the pickup sound for each.




Any advice would be appreciated.

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Try adding this as a GLDEFS lump into your WAD, with "HealthBouns" and "ArmorBonus" replaced with the names of the actors you used to modify each.

object HealthBonus
    frame BON1 { light HEALTHPOTION }

object ArmorBonus
    frame BON2 { light ARMORBONUS }

Also, this thread should be in Doom editing.

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Thanks LoneAlpha2401, I have got it to work out. Great help, much appreciated. Sorry, I'll remember to use DooM editing next time.

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