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scripting problems.

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so i caught up with Tarin on IRC, and he told me i need a modified version of ACC to get the scripts for skulltag right, Carnevil's missing or something, so if anyone out there has the modded ACC, please get in touch with me. Thankyouveeerymuchos.

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theres a thing for wadauthor that allows editing of skulltag wads, i beleve that it has the updated acc compiler in there, sorry i lost the link, but have the file, if you want to try it out i could email it to you, email me on that one first tho (dieKatze88@netscape.net)

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hey dieKatze88, thanks for the file! i got the map scripted, and another one is on the way.
but i think the acc was a bit old, i couldn't get the oneflag-ctf working... oh well, i'll manage.

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