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Hogwards.wad - Anyone interested in taking over?

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I remember playing the Harry Potter video game for PlayStation 1 back in the day. And I still remember the nostalgia of the mystical and magical halls and corridors of hogwards. So I got inspired to make a hogwards map in Doom Builder... I mean, it goes perfectly well with doom! You'll have this mystical school to walk around in, where painting can turn into secret doors of good stuff like health, ammo and armor. Monsters that throw spells at you (like fireballs) and even teleporting, which is also pretty magical. Even some textures in doom goes very well with this theme! So I began... But as I progressed, I realized it would be too big of a project for me to have the time to do it. I really don't want to spare the details in this one. Hogwards deserves a lot of effort, so I got the idea, that someone might be interested in taking over, and continue working on the project.


Here's some screenshots, and a video that shows some gameplay:







Watch some gameplay here:



The map is supposed to be played in gzdoom using the command "turbo 45". I find that standard doom running makes everything silly to play...



So... Who would be interested in taking over? Maybe we can do a collabaration, where we finish working on one room each, then share the updated download link with each other, and another person takes over, etc... Until we have a full map


Download link provided for the wad


Edited by FanTazTiCxD : Sorry, I accidentally uploaded the video as private. It is set to public now

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29 minutes ago, Gez said:

I knew those wizards were a bunch of Nazis.

Exactly XD Call it a nazi-version of Hogwards, haha! ...In lack of paintings to choose from XD

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