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F-ZERO (wip)

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This is a lame little WIP I built in about 2 days. If anyone really cares about it I might re-visit it. If anyone would like to map for it or help me build it, hit me up!



Hope you guys like it, its at least a little fun to mess with.

By the way this is developed for Zandronum, and supports multiplayer if you want to race against friends. The maps have no scripting to count your times or rank the racers, something I might develop in time if anyone likes this.
Screenshot_1.png.abfe0a8c79f936ce7d883977677ec550.pngBy the way guys if you make your own maps for this, be sure to follow the tag rules you see in the first map. You need to tag the sectors that the racers will race on with the right tags or else it wont function properly. Also, youll want to add in those damaging walls.

The craft you are flying will retain the players colors you set in player setup, and the flames will be that color too.

This mod could also very easily have weapons added in, and be a sort of F-Zero twisted metal crossover haha! 

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1 hour ago, Tango said:

hah, that's awesome. someone should port this to the Hueg Blue map from SpaceDM5

Wow that is a great idea! they just need to add damage to the walls, and tag the roads correctly. I think its 100 for regular roads, and 101 for boundary roads.

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You expect me to believe that something involving F-Zero is lame. I will play this and enjoy it at your dissatisfaction. F-Zero is amazing and if it is anything like the sonic kart doom game I am sure this is fine. 

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