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Corner Compound (single level, short and sweet)

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This is my second ever map. I've been working on something else a bit bigger to follow up on my first map (which looked nice but played a bit meh), but it's taking ages and I wanted to get something up here. This map took around 2 evenings to pull togther, give or take the odd bit of tinkering.


It's fairly tough - tight and compact, not slaughtery, but should keep you on your toes (in an "ooh look a rocket launcher oh shit I've killed myself" kind of way). 3 minutes par, maybe? Good luck!






  • Doom 2, vanilla compatible (hopefully)
  • Just the one level, MAP01
  • Tested on GzDoom 3.6.0 because I haven't updated yet
  • No jumping, crouching or looking up. It won't help.
  • No difficulties implemented. Maybe if people want it.


Any and all feedback gratefully received!









Edited by BobbyZoolhead : typo

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I played your map, it's exactly how you described it.

Ammo and health seemed really tight, health is fine but i don't know if there is enough ammo since i found the secret. 


Here is my gameplay video, I always play with freelook enabled and autoaim off


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Great vid @Matias, really appreciate you playing through it! Yeah, ammo and health both pretty tight but it's only a short level so I didn't want to make it super easy to just blast through!  Cheers

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I tried playing with Boom and ran into a problem that keeps me from completing the map. The door that leads back to the spawn area and the blue key door can not be opened in vanilla or Boom as they are flagged wrong. There are visplane errors but otherwise I can see this being vanilla/boom compatible if you fix the doors. I attached a few pictures that shows these errors.


One of the doors I mentioned. There isn't enough space to walkover the line in Boom or Vanilla, same issue with the blue key door.



These visplane errors can be fixed by lowering the linedef count. Try removing some lines from the rocks along the water.




Other than that this map was fun but a little too easy. The secret was a little too obvious and there was nothing preventing me from backing away from the Baron-Arachnotron room. Map looks great though but next time I would recommend widening some of the areas.

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Thanks y'all. @Denim Destroyer I'll take a look at that door etc when I get sec. Yeah the secret is obvious but I figured people will need the plasma as ammo is a little tight.  Got some ideas about improving the final fight, but TBH I'll probably just make something new instead.

@Rex705 great vid :)

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