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[McD] James

Haiku poetry

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Clowns only bring joy.

They are the light of our world.

I'm obsessed with them.


Popeyes is yummy.

Their fried chicken can't be beat.

Great seafood as well.

Edited by Ajora

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Stirring from below

Where can I find needed rest? 

A torrent let loose

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Most haiku online

Rarely gets the point of them.

It makes me quite sad.


Proper haiku has

Seasonal references

And observations.


Leaves of brown and gold

Flutter to and fro on winds

Making room for life.


Now you know the truth.

Knowing is half the battle.

G.I. Joe pwns j00.


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In the moonlight,

Flapping, graceful wings,

Whispers, breaking the silence.

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