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Combining doom 1/2 wads on android


Hi there.


I want to combine wads and make it only 1 wad.

I don't had pc (is broken) but i had android, there's any way to combine wads on my android?

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As far as I know, there is no such stable Doom Editing programs on Android.


You will have to either get to a PC, download a WAD editing tool (XWE, DeuTex, SLADE 3) or you can just install Win XP on your phone (there are numerous tutorials on how to install a Windows OS on an Android device, actually, but I have no experience with it) and then install SLADE/XWE from there. For best stability, keyboard + mouse are always recommended for the latter method.


Then use your preferred WAD editing tool to combine your wads to your needs.

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Deutex can be used on Android if you install Termux and run the command pkg install deutex . And yes, it’s the modern version (deutex --version says 5.2.1) which fixes the most annoying bugs and limitations of this tool, such as the forced downsampling of sounds and the lack of support for tall sprites (both bugs affected plutonia.wad and tnt.wad, for example).

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