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I was gonna say Macross, the movie is damn good, and the full series is even better! Man that's a manly show. A fighter pilot, Hikaru, get this... he's in a love triangle with two dames! One of them is a pop star with damn good tunes, such as "My Boyfriend is a pilot!".


Oddly enough I watched Perfect Blue the other day, had always been meaning to watch it. I found it kind of so-so, I love David Lynch and surreal stuff, and I dig some of Kon's other stuff, but this movie ran out of steam halfway through for me.


Also, being that I myself am in my 30s, these days I'd prefer an idol anime about say a 30 year old pop star. You've gotta be worldly to write damn good tunes, you know. At least 25.



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It's never going to happen because, 1) Japanese culture 2) no anime company will bite the hand that feeds; but I'd love a realistic idol anime. The work pressure, the absolutely insane fans (hope you like getting daily death threats from fans when some tabloid implies you have a relationship), the agencies that control your life...

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i also enjoyed Zombie land saga. i read somewhere that it was more authentic in its portrayal of idol industry, but i dont know if that is truth

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