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So I made my first wad. It's called "some evil fortress"

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What did you test this map on, what doom engines run this map? Do you not want people to jump, use freelook, etc?



Otherwise just from the screenshots it does look like you didn't provide the right size of doors for the textures used. It also looks like you have some texture misalignment. It might help to take a look at Chubzdoomer's map editing tutorials for a greater understanding of the engine. I'll see about playing this later today however so I can give some more informed opinions about the map in question and hopefully a video playthrough.



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Thanks for the feedback! You were right, the doors are glitchy and there was some texture misalignment. I used GZDoom to test this map. I will look at the tutorials so I can get better with the doors. Hopefully, my next maps doors won't be so ugly. I will be editing my post so people will know what to use. Thanks.

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Well, after playing through the wad 3ish times I think I have a pretty good handle on it.


Here is the gameplay.


The Negatives:

The entire thing feels rather slapdash and clumsily made, missing textures, misaligned textures, and the doors side textures are not lower unpegged making them move along with the door. Could have used a little more love in those areas.

One door appears to not be set to be repeatable, meaning that I got stuck on the last runthrough when it wouldn't open again when it closed and had to use noclip.

While this is a personal opinion it feels rather easy and none of the difficulties remedy this. Just tons of ammo and health lying around. I always had way too much if I'm honest.

Color coding the doors for their required keys would be nice.


The Positives:

I mean, I liked the midi of We Don't Need No Education. Custom music is pretty unexpected in a first time map.

There are parts of this that show a little bit more attention to detail and are rather nice, the long window and sewer like area are pretty cool.

The monster encounters feel good, the Hellknight behind the boxes was a nice touch. All the encounters kinda flowed and the environment did add to them. Probably the best part of the wad tbh.


The Neutrals:

It might be a good idea to add secrets as at least one would provide a little bit of intrigue.

Putting a cyberdemon at the bottom of a huge pit feels really weird.

If you slowed down the ending door players would be pushed more to deal with the Mancubuses, as they are now I can just breeze past them.

Edited by mewbusi

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Tbh, I agree with the negatives. I should've done a better job with the doors and the textures were pretty misaligned. Also thanks for noticing some of that one door that closes forever. I thank you for your opinions and gameplay. I will add more attention to the detail and makes better doors. I'm gonna try better at my next map, in the meantime I thank you for playing and giving your honest opinion. Adios.

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Well done for getting into level-making for Doom! You've definitely got the hang of the basics. In this video I step through and talk about how you might be able to align textures a bit better and improve the "feel" of the level - it would be good to include more branching paths as well in the vein of the blue key room, instead of having a straight shot from the start to the end! Welcome to the community :)


This video was sponsored by the Send Lawyers to Hell appeal! Playing Doom WADs to raise money for RAICES.





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