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Doom Annihilation positives and negatives (no spoilers)

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Positives: The plot was quite interesting and a nice twist on the original game. Fast, action packed film (with some long drawn out scenes in the middle). Also had the minor aspects of horror and suspense. Just like the Doom 2005 movie, it did have a Doom 3 feel to it- including having several of the pickup items, (some) weapons we all love. Personally, I also love the ending. Don’t want to spoil it- but it made it quite exciting.


Negatives: It felt like it was made on a tight budget. Cheap special effects, make up etc.  Maybe if it had a bigger budget and higher profile producers, actors and writers it could’ve been more successful. There was a lack of a specific “Doom guy” (although it felt like one character developed into this)  Many of the characters felt un-relatable and lacked depth. The range of monsters and items in the movie compared to the game was minimal sadly.


Overall, it is watchable, however don’t go in with high expectations because you will be disappointed.



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Oh shit, it's out already?

Sadly, I can't budge it into this week schedule, I wanna consume it in the right mood, with no distractions and have plenty of time to savour.

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Not out. Leaked. I'm not about to share any links or anything like that though, obviously. I intend to buy a copy when it's available.


I've seen it also. Enjoyed it a lot. If you consider the budget, it's well done, but it's not about to change the mind of anybody who hated the trailers. It was way better than the 2005 film IMO, but in a lot of ways, quite similar to it! Way more action, the guns aren't wasted, and you get a good look at the monsters as this movie isn't impossibly dark like the previous one.


Don't get your hopes up for many things we didn't already see in the 2005 one. Just a few things are done a bit better. Don't expect 'proper' hell...



They still copped out on the hell thing. It's not NOT hell, but it never implies that it is either, beyond one character being religious and referring to the monsters as demons, just like in the 2005 film. This film's version is an unnamed civilisation trying to reclaim the earth. There are a few minutes in their world ("Hell") but there are no pentagrams or any imagery to imply it's the Judeo-Christian 'heck', just some sort of rocky dimension. Seems more like Doom 3 but where the demons ARE the ancient civilisation.


Despite a lot of people's theories, Joan Dark IS gender-swapped Doomguy. She has his backstory from the original game manual and she's a total badass. I don't have a problem with this at all, but if you d0, especially if you're one of the people who had the theory that it was Hector Savage, then you are going to be disappointed. Of course, do not expect 'Doom Slayer' at all, this is not a movie of the 2016 game. I don't think that game even existed when this was written. This is the teleportation storyline, not the Argent Energy one.



Joan shares Doomguy's original backstory in that she has been sent to Phobos as punishment for refusing to follow orders. It's not outright said that the orders were to shoot civilians, just that she 'tried to be a hero', defied orders and a terrorist escaped.


They did a lot with the budget they had. Apart from a couple of slightly cringey moments (just in terms of low budget, it can't be helped) it was a pretty damn competent sci-fi film and it's more loyal to the games than the previous movie was. Don't expect any demons you didn't see in trailers, but the ones that are there are way better than they appeared in the trailers, they do some cool shit and the action is really nicely done.


I had fun with it, I'll be picking up the Blu-Ray and will watch it again. A lot of fun to be had. Far from perfect but if you were expecting that from a straight-to-video movie by Universal 1440 then you don't understand movies :P

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Positive: Doomgirl is canon

Negative: Doom Eternal does not have Doomgirl

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