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So many questions about WADs...

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I am the newbie  that has created :

- 0 wads

- 0 midi

Fortunately (or unfortunately)  during last few months I have got an idea for many maps, that I divide into 3 megawads (all will use nothing but D1 and D2 assets as I am poor graphics designer):

The Descent of Evil - The 4-episode Ultimate DOOM MWAD (because D2 ones are more common). It would conaist themed ep's. (Labs-Earth-Hell-"Slaughter Maps"). I would like to create my own MIDI for it. (Thank you, Mr. Paddock for advising me Sekaiju.)

The Extreme Descent of Evil - The title is similar to "Extreme Rise of the Triad" as It inspired me to try to make so called Sequel of TDoE, with difficult and sometimes a bit unfair or dumb Maps.

TOVA's Files - The only MWAD for DOOM2 that is in plans. It would be a set of 32 maps that aren't connected by any plot or main theme. And it would contain .txt file with description of each level, like in Hell Revealed.


I am not experienced in mapping but huge thank you for everyone who post in this forum tips and advices, especially for @Linguica for his/her tutorial, that I have read here before sign in here.


I don't want to spam with threads, so how should I release here my works, suppose there might be many? As a bunch of wads in each thread or realising single one would be fine as well?

Also how do these concepts look like in your opinions?

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First of all, I'd suggest make single maps for now. Later, you can try make 3-5 maps. You need gain experience, learn builder and your targeted mapping format as your five fingers. If you start build your megawads now, you most likely burn out and get into vicious cycle of map fixing, because with each map you'll get better and after few months you might not like your first maps much as now and will want fix them. 


So yeah, work step by step, share single maps, listen useful criticism, ask questions and improve. 


P.s play other maps and don't afraid to check out them in builder, plenty of stuff can be learned that way. 

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