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ACS script acting up. Help?


So I'm making a mod that carries over the gameplay from Quake to Doom 1 & 2, and I was thinking it would be cool to have a few extra visual options, such as a liquid texture replacer. 

I have the script working, It's just that I can't get it to work when I use the "]map" command to change maps, where it just freezes GZDOOM.

Here's the code. Any help is appreciated greatly!

#library "QuakeLiquid"
#include "zcommon.acs"

Script 3333 ENTER
if (GetCVar ("QD_LIQUIDS"))
	ReplaceTextures("FWATER1", "QUAKEWAT");
	ReplaceTextures("FWATER2", "QUAKEWAT");
	ReplaceTextures("FWATER3", "QUAKEWAT");
	ReplaceTextures("FWATER4", "QUAKEWAT");
	ReplaceTextures("NUKAGE1", "QUAKESLM");
	ReplaceTextures("NUKAGE2", "QUAKESLM");
	ReplaceTextures("NUKAGE3", "QUAKESLM");
	ReplaceTextures("LAVA1", "QUAKELAV");
	ReplaceTextures("LAVA2", "QUAKELAV");
	ReplaceTextures("LAVA3", "QUAKELAV");
	ReplaceTextures("LAVA4", "QUAKELAV");

(edit: Nevermind, there was another actor and it was going into a state that doesnt exist. Nothing is wrong with the script)

Edited by Mengo

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18 minutes ago, DynamiteKaitorn said:

If you're just replacing textures, wouldn't simply swapping the flat textures themselves suffice?

He edited his message to reflect that there's actually no problem with the script.

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