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Phoenix Doom (backport of 3DO DOOM to PC)

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Hey everyone,


Just wanted to share a small project that I've been working on recently. It's a backport of the 3DO version of DOOM to PC and based on the 2014 3DO DOOM source release by Rebecca Ann Heineman. It's more of a 'remaster' than an exact pixel for pixel recreation, and I took some liberties to improve things where I wanted to. Hopefully it should provide a nice way to play the 3DO version natively on PC though.


Mouse and gamepad controls (via an XBOX One etc. controller) are also supported. In fact I'd recommend using a controller for a more console-like experience.


Here is a brief playthrough of it that I recorded:



And here is where you can grab some binaries (I've prebuilt for Windows, MacOS and Linux 64-bit):



More info about the project, how to run, and a list of differences to the original 3DO version can be found in the various sections linked to on the main project page:


Note: you will need a raw image file of the original 3DO game disc (.IMG file) in order to play, or alternatively the contents of the original 3DO disc extracted to a folder on your machine (this can be configured).


Let me know what you think, or if you run into any issues!




One final disclaimer: I've only tested the Linux build inside a VM since I'm not really a Linux user, so I'd be curious to see if that works properly in addition to the gamepad controls on that platform. The mouse controls were kinda messed up when I tried, so I'm hoping that is just down to running in a VM! If there are problems and someone wants to take a stab at fixing them then I'm more than happy to accept PRs.


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Hmm, I kind of thought the 3DO dump contained the full game. I don't own the 3DO version, but on just seeing the YouTube video, it looks like an excellent port. Good work!

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Thanks! Yeah it's source assets for the most part that are in Rebecca's repo, as well as some of the scripts used to build those assets. You'd be hard pressed getting some of that stuff to compile though since the toolchain appears to rely on some archaic stuff found on 68K Macs and in the 3DO SDK.

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I love stuff like this, the thought of improved PC versions of the console ports (based on the actual source) is something that's always interested me. It would be cool to see something like this for the SNES and PSX ports, if only the sources were released. I'm just going to highlight @Optimus since I know he's interested in 3DO Doom and has worked on his own 3DO projects.


5 years ago some people were wondering if much would ever come of this. Looks like it finally did!



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It would be cool to see something like this for the SNES and PSX ports, if only the sources were released.


My absolute dream would be for someone to release the PSX source! I wonder who even owns the rights to that anymore? Is it languishing away on some dusty old hard drive or backup media somewhere? (hopefully it still exists)

Yeah there's probably stuff in there that @Optimus or others compiling for the real hardware might find useful. Found and fixed a few interesting bugs along the way!


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