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Where does Google/YouTube get it's "auto generated channel" info from?

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Some of you may have noticed auto-generated channels on YouTube such as this one:




I find it quite fascinating that a somewhat obscure bootleg game had it's own page auto-generated. Apparently, it's not that uncommon:




Each one of those covers that's been chosen seems to be fan art. What I want to know is, where is it getting this data from? Obviously the description is ripped from wikipedia which makes enough sense, but where the hell is that "box art" coming from?


DeHackEd actually got an auto generated page, I'm guessing this happened recently:




The thing is, it for some reason lacks art. The obvious choice would be the splash screen which is in fact featured on the wikipedia page but it's obviously not getting the art from wikipedia. If i can find out where it's sourcing this art from, I could give it the proper splash screen and fix this issue in future if I ever see it again.


I doubt anyone has any more info than I do, but it cant hurt to ask!


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