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Naked Snake

Don't Challenge 6

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Man, checking out that secret room was not only a great thing but a pain in the ass. I had my Rifle out and walked up the steps. I couldn't see a damn thing ahead of me but as I walked up I must have triggered a motion detector lightswitch or something because the room ahead suddenly became bright as day. I looked ahead to see a horrific thing. A floating skull with horns and next to it was a bigger floating skull with horns and hellish flames. I took a step back and raised my rifle. The flaming skull propelled toward me and I quickly stabbed the thing with my bayonet, breaking it into a few pieces. The one without flames however seemed to just float there until its eyes started glowing. When its eyes lit up my body became wracked with pain as if I was being crushed by a truck! As its eyes got brighter the pain was more intense. I could feel myself slowly being killed but I wasn't gonna go out that way. I mustered enough power to raise the rifle and blast the damn thing back to hell. I knew I was hurting bad and I reached in my pocket and pulled out a bottle of painkillers. I popped some and suddenly I felt like a God. I reholstered the rifle, put on my brass knuckles and rush forth and turned the corner to immediatly see one of those brown things. It hissed and I yelled with a berserker rage akin to that of a Viking warrior. I dashed at it and threw a mighty right. I guess those painkillers must have boosted my strenght because I literally knocked the brown thing's head right off! Its head bounced about a bit, spraying blood and finally settled on the floor. I thought that I had dealt with the only monsters in this room but I was wrong. A thing knocked me on my ass from behind and I turned to see a shape similar to those pink demons but instead it was sort of fuzzyish clear. From my prone postion I threw a kick and knocked the thing back and drew my .357 and fired all 6 rounds right into its face. I leaned with my back against the wall and I did the stupidest thing. I dozed off.

I woke up and instantly realized I made a mistake that could have cost me my life. I couldn't remember much. I did a quick inventory check. I counted my weapons, reloaded them, counted my ammo and other various shit I had picked up. I had grenades but couldn't remember if I had found a Grenade Launcher. I stood up and stretched and pulled out my shotgun. I went around the next corner and saw nothing but an alcolove. I went in and found some good stuff. A hacksaw to saw off the barrel of my shotgun, some shells, some Whiskey and that Security Diskette! I sawwed off the barrel of my shotgun, collected the shells and put them in my belt and slipped the Security Diskette into my inside pocket on my vest. I noticed a switch so I flipped it and I heard a whir from within the hallway just outside the alcolove. I walked out to see that one wall had risen to become a door. I walked in and saw a weapon but I didn't know what the hell it was. I walked towards it and one of those brown things tossed a fireball at me. It missed me and I turned to face the beast, raising my sawed off shotty. I blasted and the buckshot tore its body up. I approached the weapon and grabbed it. It was a Grenade Launcher! It seemed to be a new kind, it had a pump action and held 6 grenades. I loaded it up and snapped it to my belt and unstrapped the shotgun again. I turned and headed for the 4th floor where my map said the security exit was.

The 4th floor was literally empty of everything except ammo. I encounted 1 count 'em 1 damn zombie which I blew to bits with a grenade. Other than that I met no resistance. I had found the security exit and slipped the Diskette in. A chirp sounded and the door opened. It was an elevator. I pressed the switch and the thing dropped a lot faster than I think it was supposed to. It went down past the last floor! When the doors opened I was greeted by the sight of a room with a switch on the wall. I walked out and noticed a hole on the left wall. Coming from it was screams! I peered in but pulled my head back. I didn't know what the hell was in there and I didn't want my head slashed off. I pressed the switch and there was a contingent of demons things down there but they were surrounded by barrels. A single .357 round did the job. I blasted a barrel and they all began to explode, killing demons. I jumped down from the ledge, walked through the field of corpses and down some steps. I came into another room which had a Combat Suit in the middle of it. I took off my security armor and tossed it aside and donned the Combat Suit. Now I was truly ready to rock n' roll. I walked down the hallway toward an elevator. I pressed the switch and it came down slowly, with a grinding noise. I stepped onto it and it rose equally as slow. I suddenly got a bad feeling and whipped out the Grenade Launcher. Up top I saw two colums and I appeared to be in a star shaped room. I stepped off the platform and the colums opened to expose two bigass minotaur looking creatures. They bellowed a terrifying cry and I instantly began to fire grenades at the one on the right. I got 3 off onto it before it got a shot at me. I only had 3 grenades left. Its fireball flew towards me but I dodged it and ran into the room. It stepped out of its room and I blasted my last 3 grenades at it. That did the trick. But what about the other one? I backed up and my foot hit something. I turned to find a can of Gasoline. Hmm....I got an idea.....

The other thing came out its room after a few minutes. Good, I needed that time. I poured Gasoline everywhere in front of me. As soon as it stepped into the puddle I'd set the thing on fire. It did as I thought it would and came straight for me. I blasted it with my .357 even though I knew that it was worthless. I mentally cheered when it did the dumbest thing. It stopped right in the center of the puddle! I acted immediately and fired a round at the puddle, starting a blaze. The puddle caught in seconds and the minotaur thing was dead center. It began to wave and roar and eventually it fell to the ground dead, cooked to a crisp. "HAHA, FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT! I FUCKING KICKED YOUR FUCKING ASS!" I shouted at the corpse. I was teleported right in front of Mortis a few seconds later.

"Very good Mr. Tellio. Shall I take your soul now?" she asked with a grim sort of pride.
"Over YOUR dead body" I sneered. She sighed and responded.
"Very well, if you wish to face me you shall but keep in mind that your weapons are worthless. You have time to rethink this over." she said. I wasted no time and shot her in the chest with my rifle. She didn't even flinch. Instead, she disappeared and I heard her voice. "You have made a big mistake Mr. Tellio. Now prepare to meet my true form!". At first it sounded like Mortis but as the voice went on it started to sound more animal. I spied an odd box with a pentagram on it next to Mortis' throne so I sprang forth and snatched it up. A thing appeared where Mortis had stood, so I guessed it was her true form. She pointed at me and yelled "DON'T TOUCH THAT!". Before I could act she rose her hands and clapped. A stream of fire came towards me. I dived behind the throne and opened the box. Out poured countless spirits. I looked around the side of the throne to see the ghosts tearing Mortis to shreds! When she was "dead" I was teleported back to my house....it was over....I had won.

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Good job. Some great ideas. But I wish you had made the last bit with Mortis longer, describing in detail what her true form looked like.
I like the way he disposes of the other baron >:-)

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