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Actions in Doom Builder

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Hello, I want to do my first map ever, and I wanted to make 2nd floor, but I don't have 3d floor action, I only have actions from 0 to 141


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Welcome to Doom editing :) There are several different formats of map - it looks like you’re using the original Doom style, which doesn’t have a lot of the extended stuff like 3D floors.


If you want your map to work on all Doom source ports including vanilla, you should stick with that (unfortunately it doesn’t support 3D floors) - but if you’re aiming for more modern ports, look at the map properties and select UDMF format instead, which will open up a world of possibilities :)


(You’re using Doom Builder 2 just now which is fine for vanilla maps, but you’ll need the version GZDoomBuilderBugFix to use some of the advanced features)

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