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can someone please make this into a midi

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Hello, I love this track. And I have zero knowledge with making music into midi format, is there any way to make this into a midi or at least have the track without the vocals? Or anyone willing to do it? Thanks!


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You can't simply convert normal pre-recorded music files into midis


Think of Midis as sheet music for the virtual orchestra in your computers soundcard and or soundfont to play in real time, this is why when you play a midi in windows media player and you pause it it does not completely stop it still plays the last note(s) it was playing until they're finished.


Where as a digital file is something more akin to a vinyl record where music has been played and pre-recorded, this is also why all the services claiming to convert an mp3 to midi comes out as a jumbled mess and all instruments including vocals turn into pianos.


Another way too look at it is demos vs recording a let's play, a demo is a recording of your inputs that's played back in a program where as a let's play is a recording in video form of that play session with voice over. Midis are a recording of the notes or tab for a song to be played back by the soundcard later where as a mp3 is you recording an instrument once


If you want to turn a song into a midi file you pretty much have to learn to make music and remake the song into a midi file.


I don't know if I'm 100% correct in this but I'm pretty sure that's how it work

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