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(Dehacked) Is it possible to make projectiles destroyable in Whacked4?


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By destroyable, you mean you want to be able to shoot them? The main issue is that they're excluded from passive collision checks. Projectiles have the MF_NOBLOCKMAP flag which prevents them from being written into the blockmap, so when something else moves and does collision checks, looking for other things present in the block, it won't find the projectile. That means that projectiles only collide when it's their turn to move and they're the ones looking for stuff they can collide with, so a projectile cannot collide with another projectile.


If you remove that flag, and instead add the MF_SHOOTABLE flag, then it should become possible to hit projectiles with a hitscan or another projectile. But it's going to have other side effects. IIRC, your projectile will be able to do weird things like preventing a monster from moving or teleporting, getting hurt by explosions, pushing a closing door back up, or being moved up by a rising lift. Most of these side-effects should be rare enough not to be too much of a problem, but it's something to keep in mind.

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