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Actor species


I was talking to someone on Discord. And asked them if theres a way to make it so a actor will only die if a special weapon is used. They said use 

species. I looked it up on the wiki and found APROP acs commands. I did not find a way to make it do that. Either i didn't read something or theres more to it.

How do you make it so an actor will only take damage when a special weapon is used?

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That's a very confused explanation. Species have nothing to do with weapons.



If you want to make an actor that can only be damaged by a given weapon, assuming ZDoom modding, you'll need to look into custom damage types.


In your actor, add the following:

DamageFactor 0
DamageFactor SpecialMcGuffinWeaponThatCanKillThisMonster, 1

In the puff (for hitscan) or projectile (for missile) fired by your weapon, add the following line:

DamageType SpecialMcGuffinWeaponThatCanKillThisMonster

Now your monster takes zero damage from everything except the attacks from your weapon.


For more info, see custom damage types.

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