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[Updated to 2.0 - now on /idgames!] Remnant - a large limit-removing map for Doom 2

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This was a pleasure to run through again. The changes feel modest and I think you did a serviceable job striking a balance between maintaining the interesting fights and reducing some of the grind. It was really hard to tell if the map felt easier because of the changes, or because I'd already played it once, but there seemed at least to be a much smoother transition now across the map in overall difficulty -- if not a slight, overall decline in difficulty. I loved the new Plasma Gun room, and the sigil Cyb was a nice touch.


My first review still holds and doesn't really need reiterating, but this is just a fantastic map loaded with fun encounters and beautiful aesthetics, and I was pleasantly surprised just how replayable it was. If v2.0 is the maps final form, I don't think there's much of anything left to be desired. Spectacular work.  

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@RonnieJamesDiner Thanks for giving it another go! I'm glad to hear that the overall feeling was that of balance, and that the new fights fit well within the original framework. When it comes to difficulty, I'm rather surprised that it felt easier. It may be that you were familiar with the map, since some of the fights I changed were to make it more challenging. Although I did reduce monster count here and there, and perhaps that lack of resource draining grind makes it simpler. Which I don't really feel is a bad thing, overall, since it's not supposed to feel like you need to be a tactical genius to get through. Definitely good if it did not detract from the experience. 

I would say 2.0 is where I'm leaving it. It's an important part of design to be able to say something is finished and move on. There's only so much you can do to an existing map, so better to just look onto new projects and see what I can do there.

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I think it had more to do with familiarity than anything, for sure. The only fight that actually felt a lot easier for me was the large swarm immediately following the new Plasma Gun room, where you head back outside and the whole lower area now raises as everything teleports in. This fight just gives you a lot more room to move around now, compared to the super stressful tight spaces and verticality of the previous version of that fight. But, I actually love the way you re-arranged this (the whole area raising up was a cool idea), and it just keeps the difficulty in a nice steady pace as you head towards some of the more white-knuckle areas (the red key arena, notably). It's just that much smoother an experience (I thought), and tons of fun. 


I'm definitely excited for whatever you work on next.

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On 9/27/2019 at 5:45 PM, Aurelius said:

Performancewise, however, Crispy suffers from occasional slowdowns.

Congrats on 2.0 release!

Feel free to try it out with So Doom 5.6.7 where I tweaked the INTERCEPTS overflow check to perform better.

You should then have Intercepts overflow evasion turned on.


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A small (but crucial!) update:


- added a route back from the Cardinal arena to the rest of the level to make it possible to do secret hunting before taking on the final boss

- some minor bugfixes


Download links have been updated.

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In a bit of a delay but I've gotten around to this wad a couple weeks ago.

Such a fun adventure map! I absolutely adore this. Powered by the delicious OTEX this was both a treat to the eye and a fun map to romp through.

I've yet to try v2.0 but I believe I'll get back to this at some point.


Gave it a little bit of a signal boost on my Twitter page :)




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Thanks a lot, @Terminus! That's probably one of the first excursions of my map to Twitter, appreciate it!

Glad you enjoyed it, always happy to hear that the length of the map isn't something of a boring experience, but rather an extension of a good adventure. You should definitely try the final version, it is an improvement on various fronts. 

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