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"Architecture and Mortality" - Boom compat mini mapset

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I loved this little collection of maps! The abstract winding architecture really evokes a feeling of Ultimate Doom which I happen to have played quite a bit recently, as well as the core gameplay of the maps themselves. There were plenty of tight spaces and ambushes throughout the level to catch me offguard and cause a few good deaths, and the low monster count still puts up quite a bit of resistance against the player due to their smart placement.


The music gives this levelset a pretty unique atmosphere, with its hypnotic burbling synth samples which create an almost timeless, dream-like state - a fond recollection of all the years spent playing DooM, how long it has existed in our minds, how many communities were born and died, how many maps, mods and entire games have been created from this simple game engine from the 90s, and through all of that, our love for the game has remained the same.


The maps have a real imaginative freshness to them. With a simplistic level of detail, there's a real sense of place in some of the areas, like the checkpoint at the start of MAP01, and the ceiling pattern in the main area of MAP02. The layouts sprawl outward in multiple directions guiding curious players around to explore every corner. My visit to QuakeCon this year gave me a sickening amount of experience of trudging through airports. It's good that it inspired you to create something enjoyable.


In conclusion, I liked it a lot.

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Pretty good little set, weren't entranced by the style (vanilla tex are somewhat tiresome for me), gameplay was fine, but what i did like the most is that layouts had various pathways throughout and lots of optionality with certain switches and etc.

Props for high contrast lighting, that's what sold this set from screenshots.

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Cool maps, some off-kilter shapes that are quite interesting. combined with the music it has a placating-yet-unrelaxed atmosphere overall (much... like an airport). m01 was my favorite, as medium-to-low difficulty tyson gameplay is like my favorite thing ever

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hey! thanks to everybody who's played so far. im really glad if you've enjoyed the maps and hope you'll enjoy what I'll be making soon! i wanna stick to these sort of dreamy weird vibes. next maps I make might involve a portal gimmick or two.


1 hour ago, Suitepee said:



I play this at 1:22:20 into this playtest livestream. Nice maps!

this was really awesome to see!! thanks so much for streaming them. also to clarify these aren't my first maps i've made or released, I have a wad on the zdoom forums as well iirc but that was a while ago. the music is also .ogg, to save filesize. I'll drop MP3s in the OP soon.

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1 minute ago, rdwpa said:





I knew it!


I've never seen an airport made of mutilated bodies and flesh walls, but it has been a couple of years since I've flown anywhere...

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