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A new cheat mode

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It's a general level design rule that the function of a switch should be obvious from either its placement or its markings.


But of course, not all maps follow this rule which can be frustrating. And there's always that secret you just can't figure out how to get to until you open a map editor and find it requires you to press "use" on a random COMPSTA1 wall somewhere across the map.


To address this I am toying with a new kind of cheat which allows you to target a sector or line in the automap, and it will "glow" in one of three colors:


1. Gray - the line or sector has no special or tag.

2. Green - the line has a special and tag matching the red glowing sector.

3. Red - the sector has a tag matching the green glowing line.


This allows the (cheating) player to decode the map without needing an editor. Target a sector and you see its activating line, target a line and you see the sector(s) it activates. Easy.


What are your thoughts on this idea as a cheat? Would it be useful to you?

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Could be pretty useful for people who aren't inclined or versed with editors, I'd say. I know there was a few times I'd popped a level open in one after not being able to figure out what a switch does, so it could be good to have that in-engine.

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