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How Many MM1 Maps Can I 100% Alone

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As you all know, MM1 was made with co-op in mind, and so many secrets, items and kills cannot be obtained by a single player. I know that happens in MAP01, The Teleporter, and MAP11, Halls Of Insanity, but I have not played the entire game yet. So, to know in advance, which maps can't be 100% alone?




Oh, and by the way, I did ask the same question in another unrelated thread, the "Is Requiem Good" one, but that one is kinda dead and I did not receive a satisfying answer, so I made now a whole separate thread to do it. I hope it is not against the forum's rules or anything like that.

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Just to add to rdwpa's answer, I recently played through Memento Mori and the only level you'd have trouble to 100% in single-player is MAP11: Halls of Insanity. However, there's a fix in the form of MM11FIX.WAD, which you can obtain here along with the other Memento Mori files, that fixes the level so that it's possible to 100% in single-player. You mention MAP01: The Teleporter, but you can't get 100% items there in co-op either, as the missing items are only available in deathmatch mode. As for the rest of the levels, it should be possible to 100% most of them, although some levels have mapping errors that prevent the player to achieve 100%, be it on single-player or co-op. Click here and search for "Memento Mori" for a list of the levels where it's impossible to 100%.

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