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React To The Profile Pic Above You

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You were at my dog's birthday party 58 years ago. I believe you performed a song called "That Big ol' Donkey Butt". I wasn't a fan, but my neighbor's daughter's second son's cousin thought it was a "banger", whatever the fuck that means. Your music would be a lot better if you performed songs with more variety as opposed to the standard "shawty got a big booty" bullshit. The fact that you are yellow certainly doesn't hurt though, because my dog evidently thinks you are a large banana. That's why he tried to attack you.


I don't appreciate the fact that you came back to my house without asking permission, though. If you want to play at my dog's party again, please pick something a little more fitting, like Ted Nugent. My dog cannot speak english, so to him you're just a large banana making silly noises. That's what you are to me, too. The next time you knock at my door, I'll shoot.

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