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React To The Profile Pic Above You

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Yes, don't play Terry wads, or this might happen to you too.

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robot with four glowing eyes hell bent on staring at you while you do your taxes.....

or maybe a cd player that got possessed by satan that wants to torture people with horrible music [thats why music sucks now]

or maybe it is also the embodiment of the hell earth is going to become if we keep screwing with ai?




i dont freaking know 

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Greetings my fellow anime poster, we will take over Doomworld and beyond soon enough.

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26 minutes ago, Misty said:

She seems familar, but I can't pinpoint from where...

Reiko Mikami from Ghost Sweeper Mikami




bat, witch, snake.......ghost......demon......egh.......

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Mario world built into a missing image icon. ~ currently? 

I like eating my snacks.. crunch crunch.

Edited by Mr.Rocket

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