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React To The Profile Pic Above You

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There's no other thread that fits this post, so... For the longest time, I thought @Maximum Matt's avatar was of that John Travolta guy from Battlefield Earth.

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Posted (edited)
16 minutes ago, ReaperAA said:

Some "thing"? I don't know what it even is. 

Holy shit. That's my coat hanger. Minus the hammer and sickle.


Waiting for the "zombie politician" response.


It's actually a picture of Chow Yun-Fat that I photoshopped into a zombie Nixon. 





I made it into an animated .gif with a zombie Castro shortly after he died, and that's where the red background came from, but I lost that years ago. Really thought it was on this old HDD.
"Hey Castro, how ya doing?"


"No no, ya look good."


Oh, and I did add the suit and tie for the .gif. 

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10 minutes ago, CrystalHawk_Doom said:



There's a giant Final Fantasy Mech coming down the highway at me.


And thanks for not saying "Zombie Politician".

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11 minutes ago, CrystalHawk_Doom said:

Aww, thanks, i like to mix it up every once in a while, also, that's a nice skin hue.


Mach Rider.^


Sorry, but your profile looks like someone speeding down a highway on a motorcycle.


Anyway, thanks though. I spent some time on it, couldn't get the hand to quite match the face. It was essentially a joke between myself and my brother. But I liked it enough to make it my avatar for the last decade. And I wanted to clear up what it exactly was. And who doesn't love Zombie Nixon?

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5 minutes ago, GraphicBleeder said:

Graveyard Uber Alles!



(shitty joke yeah I know.)

Honestly that joke did a 180 from terrible to good. It literally made me laugh for the first time in days. Thank you, sincerely.


It was still a terrible fucking joke. It's fucking terrible. But I laughed my ass off, so thanks.

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