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React To The Profile Pic Above You

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35 minutes ago, URROVA said:

idk wat anime is


Death Note

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1 hour ago, Lol 6 said:

Death Note

was killed wich made the show suck.

then netflix worked their "mAgIc"

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Posh Caco, the philosopher behind Satanic Command Theory, argues that Demonkind's transcendental purpose is to kill Doomguy.

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=-      -====@@@@@@@=@@@@@@@@@@@
=      -=====@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@====
@=     ======@@@@@==--         -
@@-   -=====@@@==-          --=@
@@@-  -----=@@@=-         ---=@@
@@@@--------=====-       ---@@@@
@@@@====-------===      - -@@@@@
@@@@@===--------==-    --=@@@@@@
@@@@@@=------  -===---=@@@@@@@@@



asciigenerator.org didnt worked :(

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Some kind of robot.


2 hours ago, omalefico32x said:

found this while reverse image search


first fictional character and now fake hacker huh

yeah i made that thing because i was trying to C++. Is a simple console program that simulates hacking google and other stupid stuff.

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2 minutes ago, omalefico32x said:

so that is your oc? i though it was a character on some obscure movie or something

yes that is the gif on my webpage and my itch.io page


yes is my oc

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Posted (edited)

Hey, I didn't notice you had cyan eyes

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27 minutes ago, northivanastan said:

Rainbow Dash (or whoever that is) says trans rights by any means necessary

I think that's Pinkie Pie 

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