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React To The Profile Pic Above You

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You thought my super ultra Sayan Tier 2000 who can blow up an entire planet with a sneeze was the highest Tier?


Little did you know I was playing all along. My final form is actually a Universe creating then destroying, then multiple dimension terminating super duper ultra crazy epic rainbow colored hair tier over 9000 Sayan!


The writing of my show is ingenious.

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Is that the giant robot from RoboCop?







By the way, completely unrelated, but this thread is almost reaching 1000 posts! When I created it, I didn´t really expect it to blow up this much... Thanks, everyone!

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The spectrum contains all the colours from red to indigo. But there's no wavelength of light for magenta. Our brains made magenta up to represent something which emits light from opposite ends of the spectrum.

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