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React To The Profile Pic Above You

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Grinning happily.


47 minutes ago, Taw Tu'lki said:

Where can I buy that diving suit?

The gasmask is from a military equipment shop and the suit is a sex dress from a sex equipment shop.

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"Excuse me good sir you appear to have been impaled upon a rocket launcher."

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"Well, we've removed what was impaling you, but there's a lot of nasty swelling and some debris in the area around where the object was inserted ..."

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Just now, Taw Tu'lki said:

I wanna be like you

we all wish we could look like chris cornell.


ON TOPIC : eat hole

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Just now, CrystalHawk_Doom said:


wrong thread bud.


ON TOPIC : emo 

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Pasta carbonara is my favourite kind, but that looks pretty appetizing too.


Please don't take out of context .-.

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The hedgehog watches with malicious intent the fire in front of him. He can't help himself. Never could. He has tried in the past, but he never really figured the Geneva convention very well. The burning populace scream in searing pain, but the blue menace only grins. Just another genocide to tally, he thought to himself; in his head, it was all a game, and murder was but extra points.

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