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React To The Profile Pic Above You

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the look on my face when I can't think up anything for the "React To The Profile Pic Above You" thread. 

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Enjoy your stay at the Fellowship of the Maximum Facial Hair. Don't forget to take off your shoes before entering, and kissing the altar to Your Sanctity at least twice before entering beyond the lobby. If you intend to join, please see the receptionist and ask about the joining rites. And never forget to surrender all of your hair mutilation equipment (blades, electric shavers, barber scissors, barber shop coupons), lest your unrepented, wretched soul be smited by His beard.

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Are you small or are you cheating? - that secret noclip message from Duke 3D Atomic Edition.


9 hours ago, Gustavo6046 said:

iirc it's called Changed

Yep, that's what it is, though the image is a single full page image from the Changed Lubber fan manga.

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