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React To The Profile Pic Above You

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Oh my! Is that <insert name of famous first-person shooter protagonist, but I am embarrassingly unsuccessful at recognizing which it is now>??? :O


(Actually now that I think about it, I think that's one of the Doomguy dolls from the new Doom games, right? I dunno, I never played new Doom tbh.)

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Ah yes! The wallaby; native to australia, and all around a pretty cute animal. Although I find wombats cuter.

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Dollar store Batman or am I missing something?


2 minutes ago, Wadmodder Shalton said:

...then I boop his nose cutely.


... :o


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Son, you gotta dye that hair a different color. Maybe one that fits within doom's palette.

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Just now, The BMFG said:

pass me the whiskey 

Wrong character, saloon is 15 miles away. Go there.
On topic,

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Just now, TenenteZashu said:

"Give me a drink, bartender"

Give me a health bonus, Imp bartender
on topic again
i dont like s imgspns

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