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React To The Profile Pic Above You

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12 hours ago, spd7693 said:

Why do I have the feeling this character is from Final Fantasy? 


Probably because it's not.


Meanwhile, upgraded Corvus :D .

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Some badass anime girl that I don't know... Maybe from Hellsing? Or Danganronpa?


Also, I like girls with long black hair...



I wonder what people say about my new avatar...


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4 hours ago, DiamondDude11 said:

Okay, what anime is that from?

She is Uni from Hyperdimension Neptunia, a JRPG game series.


The image is from a Head-swapped player model I made for Unreal Tournament 2004. The head is from Uni and the body is from Nepgear, another character of the same game series.


On topic: Getting ready for the annual penguin reunion. :P

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Just Look At The Graf Zahl's Profile Pic!

That's Moorhuhn From The German Chicken Shooting Games Of Same Name!

I Played Some Moorhuhn Games.

Graf Zahl.png

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Jesus tapdancing Christ on steel wheels, you are one ugly motherfucker.


God damn.



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Posted (edited)

Okay, Scooby said "ruh roh," Shaggy said "zoinks," Velma said "jinkies," and Daphne said "jeepers." What did Fred say?

Fred says "fuck."


Edited by DiamondDude11

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If penguins had punchable faces, yours ranks at #1 by a wide margin.

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