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Working Freedoom Release

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Freedoom project coordinator Simon "fraggle" Howard has announced in the Freedoom forum that up-to-date builds of Freedoom will be released in one more form--a playable IWAD. This IWAD is by no means complete but the missing resources are replaced by placeholders such as empty graphics or beeping sounds.

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You forgot to have links for "form," "playable," "placeholders," "empty," and "beeping." You can't have a complete newspost without at least 10% of the words being links...

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sgtcrispy said:

Will it be a shareware version or Doom1 or what?

I need info!

This is the build for the full (doom2.wad) version. We are making a version of the shareware wad using the freedoom material as well, however this is not shareware, it is properly free.

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Yay! I told fraggle to do this a looong time ago. Now that this is in, I can program in the special version recognition in Eternity that I promised, and is the reason for the FREEDOOM lump's existence ;)

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