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Naked Snake

"I'm not a soldier"

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It was a day never to be forgotten, the day the Hell Wars started. The day began normally, for me anyway. I got up and showered, brushed, flossed and checked my e-mail. All spam so I deleted it and got out of my towel and got dressed. I put on some camoflauge shorts, a t-shirt and my hat and prepared to go to work when I heard a huge explosion outside in the street! I grabbed my hatchet in case I needed to cut through something to save lives and rushed down out into the street. What I saw will stick in my mind forever. A massive dark cloud whirled about 5 stories in the air above the street. People were staring up at the dark portal, chattering and pointing, wondering what the hell it was. A cop got there and parked his car and opened the door to his cruiser. I heard a strange sound and 3 green bolts of energy that looked sort of like lightning came from the cloud and struck the street. It did no damage but instead was something equally as dangerous. 3 brown creatures, muscular with spikes protruding from their body. They hissed at the crowds and some people ran while others stared more. The cop pointed his weapon at the things. One reared its arm back and thrust it forth. Out from its clawed hand came a bright red fireball. The cop didn't even got a shot off before the fireball struck him, killing him. Suddenly, there was another strike and 15 more brown things appeared! Some street thugs decided to have a little target practice. They exchanged bullets and flames. Cop cruisers zipped around the corner as another strike came from the massive cloud and spawned 10 more spiked things and 5 big, tall, minotaur looking creatures carved of pure muscle. The police parked and trained their weapons on the beasts. In the confusion they didn't notice me sneak up to the dead cop and snatch his weapon belt. He had a Glock 9mm Law Enforcement handgun (it holds 17 rounds instead of 15). He also had 3 fresh clips on his belt. I found a loop that I think was made for a radio but my hatchet fit in it perfectly. I noticed a shotgun pearing out from under the front seat and was going to reach for it but a cop grabbed me and pulled me for cover.
"What the fuck do you think you're doin' mister?" he hissed.
"No-no-nothing" I stuttered.
"Get the hell out of here NOW!" he commanded and pointed away from the battle. As I stood up I heard over his radio about reports of more portals and monsters! This was a full fledged invasion and I was right smack dab in the middle of it.

I found an abandoned warehouse and hid in the basement. It was lit pretty decent and at first I feared that the things could see through the windows but I noticed that all the windows had been spraypainted white. I could see shadows on the outside and hear voices. I could hear people running, I could hear gunfire and after about 5 hours I heard shuffling of feet and moans. I peered out to see humanoid shadows holding weapons. At first I thought of shouting out but then I listned closer. I heard the most disgusting thing I have ever heard. A man was stumbling back, he was on the ground and he was saying things like "NO! YOU'RE NOT REAL! YOU'RE DEAD!" and they were shambling towards him. Some undead behind him caught him and kneeled down to the ground. They began to bring their heads towards his body and the man began screaming. They were EATING someone alive! I almost threw up but held myself together. It was all to intense for me, the monsters, the fighting, the portals, the zombies, I just couldn't take it anymore! My head was spinning and I passed out...

I woke up to a crashing sound on the floor above me. After that I heard shuffling. There were zombies in the building! I had to take them out before they got me. I went up the steps slowly and peered out the doorway. I saw two zombies. One was unarmed and the other was a cop clutching a pistol just like mine. I aimed and fired a round, killing the unarmed zombie. Headshots were instant kills I mentally noted. The cop zombie turned around and fired started to aim but I already had a bead on him. I fired and he fell. I rushed towards his corpse and looted it. I found another Pistol (I took his belt because it allowed for more clips and had two holsters for pistols.), he had 1 clip and his gun's clip was full. I slipped my hatchet into the radio loop and stood up. I holstered the pistol I had just got. I looked around the warehouse. The room I was in was huge but totally empty. I saw some steps. I decided if I was going to stay here I might as well explore a little. I got to the steps and went up. The door at the top was locked. At first I was just going to saw fuck it but then I realized that the door was a simple wooden door. I took out my hatchet and knocked the knob off. I used the handle to push the other side's knob off. I pushed the door open and walked in. I turned to my left and walked down the hallway. Another door and it was locked too but it was a little different. This one didn't have a window. I did the same as I did with the previous door and opened it. Inside was something surprising. A brightly lit room and rows and rows of cubicles! I checked some of the cubicles and they had things that wouldn't have been left behind if the place closed down. I saw pictures, candy, coffee mugs, computers and papers. I checked the name tag on the first cubicle. "Sandra Cooke - Advanced Formulas" it read. I sat down at her desk and turned on the computer. I damn near punched the thing when I saw that I needed a username and password. Maybe she wrote it down, I thought. I checked through her desk and I found a memo that read :
"Dear Sandra

Your password has been changed to "huggybear" as you asked. Your login is still "S_Cooke".

Robert Brown, Computer Systems Administrator". I typed in the username and password and was greeted with the desktop. I clicked on the first file I saw which was titled "Tele. 1". I opened it up and it was all math. I couldn't read that shit so I checked around a bit. I looked at some of her e-mail, maybe that would tell me something about this place. She got an e-mail from her boyfriend, Steven, saying he was sorry for being an asshole, she got one from her sister saying that it was a boy, 7 pounds, 12 ounces and the last one was marked "Important notice to all staff". I opened it up and read it. It said :

"To all staff,

Please submit all finished or unfinished work to Donald Barnes on Tuesday. We will transfer all your data to our labs on Mars, Phobos and Deimos.

Cary Rocksford". What the hell? Labs on Mars, Phobos and Deimos? This was just to damned weird...

I checked out a few more cubicles and turned up a little bit more information. This place was owned by the U.A.C. and these people were doing some work on teleporters or something. I saw a big glass window and behind it was an office. I picked up a coffee mug and hucked it at the window, shattering it. I walked in and checked the desk. I found an interesting note :

"ATTENTION! This facility is to be destroyed after all the work has been submitted to you. After that you "relocate" the workers to a facility in Nevada. When they all get there they will be exterminated."

Hmm, what the hell. This was big...very big.

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very cool. a nice, fresh perspective of the doom concept. keep em coming. if you do, maybe a playable version of his adventures should be made.

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VileSlay said:

very cool. a nice, fresh perspective of the doom concept. keep em coming. if you do, maybe a playable version of his adventures should be made.

I plan on making this a short series. The entire series title is "The Day Never To Be Forgotten".

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This is possibly the best story you've written so far. Very original and very entertaining. Great work soldier..., oh wait, you aren't a soldier. Oh well, nobody's perfect :-P
Keep it up.

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BBG said:

Headshots were instant kills I mentally noted

Wha? Counterstrike? :P

Great story. I would eliminate some of the "I did this I did that," though. And perhaps the way that the revelation that the UAC owned the building and was responsible for the accident came was a bit unlikely, seemed a bit rushed. Heh.

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