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Hardway - WIP for future episode

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Good afternoon everyone,


I've got an episode as a WIP and I've now got the WIP first map for it - 'Hardway'. A portmentau, the start should give the impression of Map01 of Doom2... Before very quickly changing pace.


This is a Boom map for Doom2 - Tested in PR/GL/GZdoom. Additional textures are from Otex by Ukiro. Difficulty settings have been implemented.


Freelook/jumping/crouching not required.




I've got this as a WIP because I've mapped it a little different. It's a bit Spartan in design, it's more encounter based with next to no incidental combat. It's also very short; I've been playing through some of the early Scythe maps, and I was a little inspired by the compactness/shortness of the maps. This is intended as a difficult but fair and quick opening map. I tend to finish it in around 2-3 minutes, as a guideline. Experiences will vary.


However, I may have just put together a crappy little map. Let me know what you think. Screenshots below.






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Seems to have a little bit of a niche. I'm looking forward to seeing what the episode becomes.

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