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Unable to see the Map Title in Automap


Not sure if this is the best place for it, but with one mod I load up, if I open the automap it no longer displays the level name on the bottom, this is being loaded up with Wadmooshes Doom Complete, the mod being SBar+

I'm thinking of fixing it myself, since it seems simple, but I'm having trouble figuring out where the root issue is, looking on the wiki shows it being related to the mapinfo, that specific file doesn't appear to be in the wad file but loading it with normal Doom does display it, any other spot I should check within the file to see how to fix it? I check the zdoom wiki but I'm never exactly sure where to start with this.

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MAPINFO is for maps to have names, however to get these names displayed when you use an alternative status bar, you need said status bar to do it.


I haven't checked whether SBar+ uses ZScript or the older SBARINFO but that's what you have to tweak. Or just report the issue to the mod's author (@Gifty).

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