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Which do you hate more, shot gunners or chaingunners?

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Chaingunners create much higher levels of frustration for me.  One that spawns in at close range and starts firing right away can shred a lot of health.


Spies lone chaingunner that hasn't been alerted.

Pull out my own chaingun and start firing away point-blank.

It seemingly doesn't feel pain long enough to fire a shot off despite being pelted with lead.


Proceed to reload game and have it happen 10 more times in a row regardless of distance because Doom RNG has decreed it to be so.  Dammit game.

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The main problem I have with shotgunners over chaingunners is that yes, chaingunners have much higher dps than shotgunners, but I can kill chaingunners quick enough most of the time before they can attack long enough for them to be more annoying than shotgunners.


Shotgunners on the other hand, while they don't attack constantly, can instantly peg you for up to 45 damage at close to medium range.

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Multiple Minigunners are much more lethal than multiple shotguns


Shotgunners have atleast a time to attack, minigunners don't. You get more than 2 and you can say your hp goodbye

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