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LEADSTORM and PLASQUALL - faster and deadlier weapons and enemies that use them

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This is another step I decided to take in the direction of STROOM, but affecting all weapons except the chainsaw and rocket launcher: from faster SSG to 1.6x more powerful plasma and BFG projectiles.

These are two separately loaded parts of my add-on:

- LEADSTORM for lead-shooting weapons (including leaden knuckledusters), troopers, shotgunners and chaingunners (upd: 2 versions are included, with changed and unchanged WolfSS as they are often replaced in WADs);

- PLASQUALL for plasma gun, BFG and arachnotrons.


UPDATE: LEADSTORM now features compatibility with Doom Zero!


UPDATE 2: better pistol animation





Edited by Zodomaniac : Updated download

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