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it's that time of year again, any plans for Halloween?

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Getting hyped for eternal next month, playing through DASI-I's Doom Zero and the like.  


I had a idea that since fortnite and all that like are popular battle royale games have costumes for this halloween id buy a few rotisserie chickens and a bowl of candy. Idea goes: Kid with dracula costume? You get a king size snickers. You dress as some dude from PUBG? you get a full rotisserie chicken in the bucket, This applies to fortnite even though im gonna act like they are the same. 

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It's not a big event in Australia but it's still somewhat of a marketed day with the odd few children trick or treating.


I will likely be working or if I'm off then video gaming. That Dead by Daylight game I play is all about horror so that will fit well.

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  Well, the 31st is a Thursday this year, which means a lot of people will be playing Zdaemon Thursday Night Survival. I might show up there, but the likelyhood that some people will invite me to a real party is pretty high because I'm so well liked. A necessity of any major party scene

  If not, I haven't really picked a costume. Maybe invent a new monster, or maybe go as someone already dead, like Duke Ellington. I could use a little portable synthesizer and hammer out those dead piano notes.


I might go hand out in a graveyard, and I might try to conjure the DEAD! If anyone has any ideas how I might do this, please chime in.


I guess I could kneel before the headstones and begin:

  Power of Darkness and Moon Light,

  These hollow shells, now empty of the Spirit of The Living,

  Come upon them, and fill them with your Unholy Grace

  Re-animate them, Powerful Spirit of The Undead! 

  Unleash your minions of the Undead upon us! Here! Now! in our Time!

  Rise Up, Unholy Creations!


So, I've been trying to eat as much Gross Candy Corn as possible.



Barftastic if I do say so myself.


Oh yea, and everybody have a Happy and a safe Halloween this year. Be careful, watch both ways before you cross the street, check your candy before you open it, and


Have a Happy Halloween!

Edited by Billy Baron

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Nope... I'm getting too old for this shit. :P


My nephew on the other hand...

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Perhaps start a let's play of a Halloween themed wad around the time.


And also do something positive because I've been drowning in self-disappointment and negative thoughts in my head the last week, past mistakes are back to haunt me in full force (which, knowing me, is not surprising in the slightest... )

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Watching a bunch of classic (or, you know, just good) horror films. Already got The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari out of the way (good film btw). Gonna try to track down Nosferatu (the original) next.

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