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The DWIronman League dies to: Monster Hunter Ltd.

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"Well, this is going really well. I think... I think I might FINALLY get a Finish! Finally I won't be in the tail end of the ranking! Oh hey, I can drop down into this crate here. The way it's set up, it just has to be a secret. Ooop... hey, where's the secret goodies? And more importantly, where's the exit?!

...Oh you've got to be kidding me..."


Category 1. Part I: 141 kills, DNF.


...yeah, I'm honestly annoyed right now.

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After DWIL attempt i played through both maps multiple times on UV without saves (yep, if i die - start all over) and with all secrets. Both maps are extremely fun in familiar runs and very rich to offer! Ammo balance is perfect. In Mohu2 Shotgun and Chaingun were really enough until i found SSG.

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  By all means, show off a prepared attempt.  They're tracked on a separate leaderboard now.


  Remembered to try this early in the month this time.  Intended to be a type 1 but just reading the topic warned me to some incoming trouble so if Alfonzo wants to stamp this as a type 2, so it goes.


  Attached .zip includes two demos despite the name.  Took over an hour on part one and my nerves were rattling on the end stretch but survived it.  Part 2?  I'm in disbelief.  Of all the ways my attempt could end, I wasn't expecting this.




Edited by Crusader No Regret : Added one sentence to post

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Hell yeah!!! Survived both of MOHU. I was the hunter and not the hunted after all...

Category 1 of course. MOHU 1 done in 25:46-212/214 kills and MOHU 2 done in 29:12-178/184. MOHU 2 demo had some pauses because of stupid interruptions heh...and I almost died for something stupid by trying to kill a chaingunner below me with the RL splash damage and it damaged me instead with the wall lol.


Demo of both maps: dwimmohuLD85.zip

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On 10/5/2019 at 12:29 AM, Bdubzzz said:

Why is everyone hunting for Soft-Locks? :)

Hey, at least it's not hard-locks lol

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On 10/6/2019 at 5:54 AM, Crusader No Regret said:

By all means, show off a prepared attempt.  They're tracked on a separate leaderboard now.


It will be nice to have some company on the prepared leaderboard.

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6 hours ago, Pegleg said:

It will be nice to have some company on the prepared leaderboard.


Forever alone.

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I survived Mohu 1 but I got killed in Mohu 2 after killing 61 enemies (category 1):

That was overall a bit confusing but pretty enjoyable.

The demos (I thought about them this time): mohu.zip

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Mixed news! Or just outright bad news if you're waiting for me to get my act in order and update something ⁠— anything ⁠— and get that leaderboard ticking over...


Because of my absence, this month's challenge will continue until the end of November. November's challenge will commence on the 10th. Apologies to those who are craving more Ironman traction. Things have been hectic and there are a lot of Doom duties that remain unresolved, on my end. If this continues I will need to find someone to assist me in keeping things moving along smoothly (@NaZa has been doing amazing work for well over a year, now).


Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Edited by Alfonzo : NaZa

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@AlfonzoDo what you have to do man. We understand you. And also, Naza with his unofficial leaderboard will inform us about it...at least that part is covered

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I chilled again. Another Green Label within Cat I.


Ltd. I: surwowed in 36:49 with 210/214 K, 3/3 S, 2/2 I.

Ltd. II: surwowed in 35:06 with 183/184 K, 4/5 S, 36/36 I.

Sum: surwowed in 1:11:55 with 393/398 K, 7/8 S, 38/38 I.


"Wot I thunk" (c):

  • cool level design and texture/skyboxes selection;
  • cool music tracks, especially that fat bassline in the first part;
  • cool split of one big map into two levels giving access to different parts of it and offering a different gameplay;
  • such big-but-chilling levels should be shipped with "Speed of Hell's Vendetta" or "None So Vile" editions for extra crispy rapefests to please fetishists like me;
  • that "industrial apocalypse" setting and mappack's name "Monster Hunter Ltd." reminded me of Fear Factory's tracks H-K (Hunter-Killer) and T-1000 (a psychotic remix of H-K), nice;
  • but can ye guys make mapsets for Blood/Duke Nukem 3D/Ion Maiden when you decide to go full realism? Even if you manage to fit all your tricks into Boom engine's possibilities. WADs like mohux or hfd are not Doom at some points.


Played with PrBoom+ It's a Christoph Oelckers' branch, initiated, I believe, due to fact that Andrey Budko has almost abandoned PrBoom+ development. I'm quite happy Graf has decided to pay attention to this.




Edited by Vince Vega

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Here are my submissions for Monster Hunter Ltd. Parts I and II. (Spoiler: I didn't make it to Part II. Shocking, I know.)


Category 1

Dead on Part I

Kills: 34/214

Time of Death: 9:07


Category 3

Dead on Part I

Kills: 89/214

Time of Death: 27:41


I love crushers. Especially getting crushed and then stumbling backward into another crusher.




I liked the first map. I rather liked the aesthetic. I thought the teleport ambushes worked well. They show you don't need monster ambushes to be instapop to be successful (in my case, neither successful). I thought the monster placement was good. There was enough room to move and the ammo and health weren't plentiful, but were definitely sufficient (at least in the part of the map I played up to, which was just past the yellow door). I would've liked the music track to have lasted longer before it started to loop, but that's a minor quibble. Overall, great work, as we've come to expect from @didy.

Edited by Pegleg : 1st edit (10/29): I should probably actually post the zipped demos. 2nd edit (11/6): 89/214 is not a time. 27:41 is.

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7 hours ago, Anima Zero said:

So, what lovely wad do I get to find a dumb way to fail in for November ;D?


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Here are my Ironman demos for this month. They were recorded back in October but I couldn't find the time to post them until now.

As regards to the category, I'm not too sure : I think I've already played part 2 before, or at least I had some memories of the map, but I didn't recall part 1 at all. However, it wouldn't make sense to play part 2 without playing part 1 as well...
Let's label these runs as category 2, it won't matter much here as I couldn't finish part 2 anyway.

Part 1 completed in ~33 minutes.
Part 2, I got stuck in an area behind some fake glass looking for secrets, heh.

An interesting duet from Didy, and I should play more maps from him.
I loved the unique dark industrial theme of part 1, and will definitely (re)check part 2.



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On 11/3/2019 at 5:47 PM, Horus said:

@Anima Zero we’ll find out on the 10th. In the meantime, I wonder if a new Iron Eagle thread from Pegleg is appearing soon?


A new thread will be appearing soon. I've been busy traveling, which is barely a reason, let alone an excuse. I plan to post the new IronEagle thread either tonight or tomorrow.


I encourage everyone to join the fun when I do.

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Because I was curious, counted up the various ways attempts were ended.  Here are some stats.  Disclaimer: used NaZa's table and briefly browsed through the thread to count them up but didn't watch any demos.


7 survivals

4 permastucks

4 deaths to monsters

1 Good At Doom

2 DNF for undetermined causes


Interpret this as you will.  Didn't count any of the extra demos in this total, the demos on part 2 without completing part 1.

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Didn't survive either map.


Both blind, stuck behind a box in mohu1, I reckon it's the same box everyone else got stuck behind



Just sort of died in mohu2.  Great looking maps, bit confusing at times



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