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Sulphuorus Place - small hellish level in BOOM format

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A small level that can be won in a very short time. The difficulty level is approximately medium. Detailing is minimal.

Freelook/Jumping/Crouching - of your choice







Sulphuorus Place.zip

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Well this was a fun little level. A decent challenge in some places and just a nice flow. I had just enough ammo to get to the last room which had more than enough in it to finish. A few minor misalignment issues, but this just seemed like something quick you threw together. Really, I only found two issues.




You are missing lower textures on this section of balcony.





Maybe don't use this skull texture here or on the switch. I was running around looking for a red skull key for a few minutes before realizing you could just press the switch. 



Fun little map. Thanks for sharing!

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Played your map. Kinda hope you would have made it a bit longer but it is what it is

Even tho you say the detailing is minimal it's still a really good looking map in my opinion


The use of redskullkey textures is really weird, Was there supposed to be a key? 

i understand it kinda displays the action of the switch and gives a hint what it does but it mostly gives a thought that "i need a key to progress"


The gang of revenants was a good trap, did not see that one coming.

Maybe there was enough ammo to deal with all of that but i just moved on. 


Overall it's a good map but it would have fit really well as a part of a longer and bigger map, Maybe 120-180 monsters instead of 66


Here is my gameplay video


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