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Taw Tu'lki

Aliens Doom

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One of the first Doom's mod on the subject of Alien.

I don't know who's author but I found this on the CD with Doom, Quake and Wolfenstein 3D. It must be created in the 1995 or early.

Some sprites, enemies (expect for Cacodemon), sounds (zombies screams like humans), textures and loading screen were changed, the second episode was especially changed: the levels were rebuilt and the name was changed. 




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I don't know much about the modding history, but it is cool you found this! The alien sprites, although monochrome, look decent from the screen.s

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Just an FYI and a question. The download contains a copy of Doom.wad, but dated 2/17/94. I looked inside and E1M4 has the swastika, which make it version 1.2(?). I don't remember this particular Aliens mod and don't know if it requires this version of Doom to play. My question: is it considered 'bad form/illegal' to post an older, out-of-date version of the iwad, since it's been updated/replaced and is not being sold anymore?

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3 hours ago, Walter confetti said:

Wait, is this a older version of this? https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/themes/aliens/aliens-x

Looking at the MED LAB door it come back in my mind this mod... also imp sprite looks similar (even if in this version the alien imp is brown and not gray)


You're right! I just compared them. The version posted here is only episode 2 without the secret level. The version on the archive is all three episodes, with slightly edited Ep2 maps. The version here also has a few additional sounds. The author of the archive version states in the text file, "Originally this was all done by some other person, so i cannot and DO NOT!!!! claim credit for this. I just made a few changes, deleted some unneeded stuff and re-done it." I assume the original author gave permissions, but since that readme is a compiled executable and won't run on Windows10, I can't tell. So this version here is for archaeological interest.

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