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Contrast Adaptive Sharpening

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I added Contrast Adaptive Sharpening to Prey and Quake 4. I turn it on and off during gameplay in these videos so you can see what it does. Let me know your thoughts.


If the Quake 4 video is too dark look at the Prey video since Roadhouse is more lit.




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Because youtube compresses videos like garbage, heres a pic comparision. Image should say CaS Sharpen, not upscale, did it too quickly :). 


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Hello again! Wonderful execution. What are the chances of a Doom 3 adaptation? I'm currently exploring using ReShade for this purpose but only as far as knowing its has AMD FildeilityFX built in now, thus no results just yet. Thanks!


EDIT: Cannot achieve ReShade compatibility with fhDoom or Dhewm3, thus far.

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I have done a lot more work on doing Quake 4 HD work. I've been doing a bunch of memory injection, code detours, and such, I now have a Framebuffer Object that all of the world renders into, the first render texture in the render target is a HDR 16bit image which is used for lighting, the second render target is for the 8bit albedo. With the lighting and the albedo seperate, the lighting looks A LOT better compared to the original. Then on top of that, CaS is now applied to the Albedo render target, and yields way better results. Also I ran the textures through ESARGAN as well. 



unknown (1).png

unknown (2).png

unknown (3).png

unknown (4).png


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Quake 4 opt in bloom. With sikkmod they basically bloomed the entire framebuffer(or opted to bloom based on how bright a pixel is, instead were able to opt materials in for bloom. Normally this would require engine source, but with the memory detouring stuff I've done, it made opt-in bloom really easy to add.



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