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Good new laptop for running gzdoom and such

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My current laptop is falling apart. It’s time for a new one. I only use my laptop for internet and DOOM, so I don’t need anything fancy. I’d think that any new laptop would do for my limited needs. However my current laptop which is maybe 7 years old overheats when trying to run GZDoom and PRBoom+ chunks pretty good. I’d like to avoid these issues, but I don’t know enough about computers to know what to look for when buying. Any suggestions on what to get? I see there’s lots of laptops around $300 on Amazon. The cheaper the better of course. 

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I was bound to a cheap Acer laptop with an 8th gen i3, 6GB RAM, and an Intel UHD 620 for the better part of this year. While integrated graphics are never ideal, it ran GZDoom (Hardware and Software renderer) and PrBoom+ fine. That said, I did get screen tearing with PrBoom+ and 3D floors flicker annoyingly with GZDoom. But for a laptop that's like 300 bucks with a 1080p screen I can't complain.




And by ran it fine, I mean I got like 60fps for most of the wads I played. Expect some slowdown when a lot of level geometry is on screen or there's a lot of dynamic lights. For the most part I got a pretty consistent 60 fps though.

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