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what are some funny doomworld incidents

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I apologize for the pseudo double post, but the alternative would have been leaving my original post as is... which would have been a complete mess.

9 hours ago, geo said:

Post Hell was great.

FTFY. It didn't matter what the music was, the wretched hive will be missed.

9 hours ago, geo said:

Some kind of fish epidemic that may or may not still be running through the forum. You see ripples in the avatars.

Are you talking about this fish, perchance?




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I remember when 188DarkRevived got banned, I forget what for but I remember he would always talk about this girl he wanted to marry because he thought she looked like an anime character.


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2 minutes ago, jeroa said:

int the fish thing because of camnder keen?

No, completely unrelated. You're thinking of the Dopefish.

This is the fish I'm thinking of.


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One recent one (from last year I suppose) was that one dude who posted a wad and offered a 100$ reward for anyone who managed to finish it with a demo to show for it. And the money was actually sent and received by the recipient (think it was Ancalagon who got it).

The problem was that the map was almost unplayable due to lag and bad design, but instead of taking the feedback to fix the map the guy kept holding on to "git gud" , "you're not manly enough for this map" and things like  "map is just too evil and difficult for you" etc. all the while raising the reward money.

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I remember when sigil was delayed there was this dude who had some horse fursona say that John Romero was, in a way to sum up the walls of text they made called him "a poopyhead who doesn't care about his fanbase" 



Also his account banner was his said fursona but with realistic human feet in full detail complete with toenails full front. Quite the most bizzare stuff I've seen here as of now. 

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6 hours ago, Ichor said:

The Mona Lisa of threads.



I remember this thread but I don’t remember my mindset when I was commenting. It’s like an out of body experience. I can’t remember if I was trying to be ironic-stupid or actually just posting stupidly.

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I was a horrible noob back then,im like at the highest noob rank(close to not being a noob).


that one is golden

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I'm just going to list some (stupid) Doom community events I remember, some have little relation to Doomworld.


Doom Connector went through quite a number of rebrandings and changes in management. It was DC, then it was STO, then it was Player Connector, then it was.. Something else, I can't remember. It was almost always the result of, or reaction to, moronic drama. Vitriolic lunacy shitting up good things, as it tends to do.


On 7/29/2007 at 3:01 AM, amberleaf said:

Anyone else miss the doom connector days? Multiple ports, friends, chat and people still played on Legacy..........

On 7/29/2007 at 9:58 AM, exp(x) said:


On 7/29/2007 at 1:30 PM, TheDarkArchon said:

Still a nope

On 8/1/2007 at 4:09 AM, CodeImp said:

Not even me.

On 8/1/2007 at 4:58 PM, leileilol said:

iirc, the community were literally 10-12 year olds


On 8/2/2007 at 1:37 AM, Inferno said:

Don't miss it.

I remember DC fondly.. It was my gateway to multiplayer Dooming in 2001. My first online deathmatch was there, on an early version of Greenwar! However, it's clear that things were hell on the administrative side were hell and back then I was too young to notice or care about the drama.

There was also that time where Skulltag got stolen from Carn! (vintage drama)


Remember, there's 2 sides to every story. I'm not saying this because I'm anti-Carn or something either, I said the same thing when Carn was getting universally roasted back when this was all fresh. Back when he was still a regular I considered him a positive presence. You know how it goes though, the Drama Beast shows it's beautiful face and relationships are destroyed, ports are killed, communities are fractured. Something something human nature.

OH shit! The obvious thing to mention off the back of that is that Odamex literally exists because most of the oldschool UD guys were really pissed off about the way ZDaemon was run/managed. I wasn't part of UD back then and was only a casual user of ZDaemon so I don't remember the details. Something something closed source, something something mandatory accounts.. This drama is even more vintage than the last..

Speaking of things that were created in response to management disagreements, would the existence of Doomer Boards be considered a Doomworld event? Pre 2015 moronic political shitstorms on Doomworld were somewhat common, a lot of people would get caught up in that bullshit (I know I participated in some). The vitriol would get way the fuck out of control, regardless of what specific politics or religious BS or whatever else was being discussed. In the old times this would result in people getting sent to a hidden forum called Losers, where you could only see posts from other (past) losers. It was like a weird wall of graffiti preserved in time or something, the the home of the Heh thread. It would also lead to many threads getting Post Helled, a few new users seem to at least remember Post Hell.

Anyway, as I remember it, the DW admins decided that the negative aspects (headaches of trying to control those dumpster fires) were not worth the positive aspects (uhhh.... none, honestly) and banned several prominent right-wing users (and darknation) in a very short span of time. This led directly to the creation of DumbWorld, a site started by Kontra Kommando and Miano where the political shitstorms would live on alongside Doom wad development and other Doomy chatter. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, I remember it very clearly, this is why DumbWorld was created. It also served as a "second chance" outpost for the large handful of banned members, or other deranged fools who liked to wade waist-deep in the politishit threads, such as myself. It was later renamed to Doomer Boards and the keys were handed to 40oz, who was also eventually banned and has long since retired from the community.

If you've ever wondered what's the deal with "Welcome to Ultra Progressive world, enjoy your stay", that's the backstory. Specifically it's a quote from Technician, one of the long time users who was banned.

Rather than actually saying any funny events, I just provided evidence that nuclear eradication is the only appropriate solution to humans. We always find a reason to fight, no matter how petty. SoSueMe.wad

It doesn't matter. DC4 is shit and the code is old. Just forget about it. I'm tired of putting up with all this crap. Don't think I'm being emo. I just don't want to deal with all this shit that I am. DC4 is offline and its site is down. Merry Christmas. You won't see me supporting the Doom community any longer. Have a good day. It's just a stupid game made about 15 years ago. You guys make it into something you can make money off of, which you can't. Get off your high horse already.

I know I know, you asked for funny incidents..


Doomworld: You think this is funny?!


Me: In a cosmic sort of way, yes...


Doomworld: Well Mr. Funny Man, is this how you get your sick kicks?!


Me: Whaat? It's just an ordinary Doom Communit- OH MY GOODNESS
Edited by Doomkid

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Yeah, human body allegory was beautiful.


Also, even if it's not that funny, but I remember to see a post from the guy who made the ContraDoom port (or CDoom or whatever the hell it was called) all in caps lock where this guy show some hatred against doomworld admins including grosse dead people pictures, same wall of text appears here and there on idgames reviews...

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Pink fish?

I wasn't there during the pink fish fad, but I got reminded of it when trying to visit the gallery of variations of the fish made by DW guys, which had since 404'd.

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17 hours ago, TheNoob_Gamer said:
  Hide contents


Recently there was a dude (warman something) complain about many wads have too much save scumming gameplay and said he were looking for 2015+ wads that aren't like that.

And people just start to bashing him and even more when he said something about the maps, and he is skeptical with playing under HMP.

The thread was hidden IIRC.


Dunno if that belong here, so I'll just leave it as spoiler :) It is a new one after all.

He said something like: "Are there any wads post 2015 that aren't save scumming pieces of shit?"


Some people, I swear.

He could've gotten some good answers, had it not been for his shitty attitude.

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2 hours ago, Diabolución said:

He said exactly: “Are there any new (2015 & later) megawads that are not savescum piles of shit?


This is recent yet hilarious. When I saw this topic, the meme “I don’t know Rick, it looks fake” came to my mind inmediatly.


Well, there ya go. M1_ probably will have something that isn't savescuming pile of shit. ;)

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i once read something about a guy who Ling tricked into thinking that doomworld had been hacked? anyone remember what that was about? i remember it would crack me up but i cant remember the whole story

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On 10/7/2019 at 2:26 AM, OniriA said:

One recent one (from last year I suppose) was that one dude who posted a wad and offered a 100$ reward for anyone who managed to finish it with a demo to show for it. 

I'm quite sure you are talking about Pan and Blighted Moonbase (and nihilum if I remember well). What a guy. The maps were not only unplayable, but also unbeatable due to some "final texturing bugs" that have somehow placed several enemies outside of the map, and also there were some racist jokes inside the maps and the thread was initially closed. 

A small part of my heart is hoping to see him once again

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The random Chinese or Japanese spam threads that keep popping up here from time to time.


Like now.. (at the time of posting).

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Not exactly Doomworld events, but notable wad reviews on Doomworld's idgames frontend are close enough right?

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Oh man, this reminds me of the many ballads (threads) of mattbratt back in the day.


Sadly, those were all whisked away with Post Hell.


Could they be dug up for posting with a new link? Probably.


On the other hand, did I for some dumb fucking reason decide to immortalize one of those threads in PDF format for the future?


I present to you - I'm leaving so Badly!

Edited by Kirby

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