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When making a map is it possible to make it where the icon of sin will not talk but is just behind an invisible wall?

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Technically you could replace the sound lump of the icon of sin's "See sound" with a silent wave file.

As for fake walls, considering how the icon of sin is a built-in script of two thing types (monster shooter and monster spawner), you could put it behind any kind of wall that you like, but it needs to see you in order to activate.

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There are actually three things involved.  Romero's head is the third one, which doesn't say anything when it sees you nor does it shoot any cubes.  The head is what you kill to end the map.  The monster shooter and monster spawner are both invisible.

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If i remember right, maybe i'm confuse, Revolution! (TVR!) by Thomas van der Velden, had something like this in the map20: X Mark the Spot. But i don'r rememeber if the spawner made the talk or not, and i don't rememebr if it has an spawner at all hahaha; gonna play it again, i love it!

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