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Do you think Doom 2016 online will be dead after Eternal releases?

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I honestly love this game, it's like eating a spicy pizza filled with peppers all the from top to bottom.

The soundtracks great, the gameplay is great, the mechanics are great, the multiplayer is eh but still okay!


One thing I'm a little worried about is what's going to happen to Doom 2016's multiplayer once Eternal releases?

Will it be dead in a week?

Will it be pointless?

Do you think people will still play?

Let me know.

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Posted (edited)

probably. It kinda is dead right now to begin with

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It might be dead, the last time I go there I see familiar names.

Glad I got the achievements before the eventual server apocalypse.

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I still play Team Deathmatch and DM (when possible) sometimes. I will still visit the lobby occasionally to see if there are players after DE is released too. 

The only annoying thing right now has been the increased amount of cheaters. They really ruin a good match sometimes!

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